Nexium is a medication that is prescribed by physicians to treat several digestive disorders, and specifically acid reflux, esophagitis caused by stomach acid, stomach or duodenum ulcers, among others. It contains the drug called chemically Esomeprazole, which is classified as a Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI).– pharmacy in Australia

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The medications that belong to this particular drug class (PPI) are used to diminish the stomach production of acid, which may act aggressively on the lining of the esophagus, stomach or duodenum when released in excessive, harmful quantities.The stomach acid is composed of hydrogen, which provides the protons, and chlorine. Combined together they form the acid that is used to provide an adequate digestive environment for digesting food and for inhibiting the harmful bacterial growth in the stomach and other portions of the digestive system located in the vicinity. However, when the production of gastric acid is excessive, or when the mucosa of the stomach or duodenum is weakened, the action of the acid can result in destructive consequences, which may damage the cells. For example, the lining of the stomach is “ready” to withstand the action of the acid through a thick mucosal layer. However, the same is not true of the esophagus lining, which is very sensitive to the action of the gastric acid, which can occur during acid reflux in vulnerable individuals.

How does Nexium (Esomeprazole) work to protect the digestive cells from the damaging effects of stomach acid?
Nexium is able to inhibit a protein in the stomach cells that is responsible for the synthesis and release of protons, which is the hydrogen component of the acid. Without this component, the acid is not formed in the stomach, and its harmful effects are prevented. It allows the damaged cells to recuperate and recover from the previous gastric acid “attack”. Nexium allows stomach ulcers to heal and enables the restoration of the gastric lining integrity if administered long enough and according to a well-established treatment scheme. Nexium is also effective in protecting the esophagus from the consequences of acid reflux, and therefore diminishes any symptoms of esophagitis, or esophageal inflammation that may occur after the acid effects. It is important to take Nexium only after a thorough medical checkup.

Your doctor needs to know that you are taking this drug, so that you are properly supervised or monitored for potential side effects during the treatment. It is essential not to chew or crush the Nexium capsule because it may diminish its pharmaceutical effectiveness. Rarely, Nexium intake can result in headaches or pain in the abdomen as adverse effects, but these are usually temporary. Other experienced side effects should be reported to a medical professional for further evaluation.