Levitra review

I am a competitive bodybuilder who competes on average, around four times a year. This puts an incredible strain on my sex life as it is sometimes very difficult to get an erection let alone maintain one. I usually go very low calorie and this does not help at all as it nearly puts a stop to all erections. I did some online research and looked on WebMD and other sources for information regarding this problem. It was too embarrassing at first to mention to my girlfriend, but I suspect she obviously knew something was wrong. Anyways, I continued my research and read everything I could.

Why Levitra was my choice?

I made the determination that Levitra would be the absolute best product to meet my needs. I made an appointment with my General Practitioner and explained to him my issue. I also brought with me a lot of information regarding Vardenafil. My doctor instantly knew the efficacy of Levitra and said it was his number one choice for Erectile Dysfunction. He declared right then and there that this is what he would prescribe me. Needless to say, I was elated and could not wait to get home to give it a try with my girlfriend. According to his advice, I was to take it about fifteen minutes to thirty minutes prior to sexual activity. My doctor also said it would last anywhere from one to eight hours depending on the dosage I took. I decided to go with the half dosage as I wanted to last around one to three hours. That would be more than enough time to rock my girlfriends world. I call my girlfriend up and tell her I am in the mood. This was a shock to her since I had to turn her down a lot of times because of my anxiety regarding erectile dysfunction. She told me she was on her way and that she would be there in twenty-minutes. I decided to take my Levitra and wait in the bedroom, fully unclothed. I heard her come in shortly after the twenty minute mark and I had the most full hard on since age sixteen. My penis was like a flashlight and I could feel the blood engorging and pulsating as I was anticipating our fun time. She comes in and literally flips out how huge my penis looks. I swear I must have gained about an inch or more extra from the engorgement. My girlfriend wasted no time and immediately started performing oral on me. She quickly moved to intercourse and moved her panties to the side. We went at it for around two hours before she was worn completely out. I still had an erection.

Levitra was that successful and it was just the first time out. I also had no side effects whatsoever. I plan on using this in the future and I am so glad to have my sex life back.

John K., Auckland, New Zealand